About us

We promote the development of mining day by day

About us

About us

NM Negocios Mineros SPA, in a Company with roots in the city of Copiapó, Atacama Region, Chile, was born in mid-April 2018, taking its first steps in the activity, due to the lack of constituted mining properties, which would allow their commodification and transaction, in addition to the need and the scarcity of new commercial and labor opportunities in the mining sector. Its growth and learning was carried out with a couple of mining properties within the region and over the years, it has positioned itself at the Country level, as one of the large companies in projection, with national and international scope.

Our vision

Deliver the necessary tools to promote the mining industry, strengthening its continuous growth, entrepreneurship, negotiations and provide the economic and financial boost to each of the people and companies involved and linked to this great activity.

Our vision

"Promote and promote the development of mining activity", through advice, consultancy, technical assistance, sales and leases of mining properties.

Our objectives

"Support the Mining Task", by providing background information and useful information on mining properties, which promotes the search, recognition and illumination of new areas of interest, allowing the exploitation and extraction of mineral resources, economically profitable.

Our services

Sale and Lease of Mining Properties.

- Mining technical assistance.

Studies and geological support.

Consulting and Engineering.

Procedures for measurements and constitution of properties.

Legal Advice.

our virtue

"Business opportunity, possibility of entrepreneurship, generation of employment, boosting local, regional and national trade".

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